Blue Centre Feed Rolls

We are fully aware that our blog relates to Operated Road Sweeper Hire which is a type of cleaning.

With that in mind, from time to time we have a need for Blue Centre Feed rolls, these are the blue paper rolls that you would be familiar with on a petrol station forecourt. Also, a form of cleaning, right?

Well, if you ever have a need for this cleaning product in your company look no further than here. This has to be one of the cheapest prices we have seen for these blue paper rolls and we’ve been in this game for a considerable length of time.

You may expect that being a cheaper cleaning product that they are of a lower quality, these blue rolls are not, they are 150mtrs in length and 21cm’s high, which is the larger size of the common blue paper rolls you find on the internet and they are supremely absorbent.

Don’t take our word for it, pop over to their site and order some and give them the test.