Scarab Minor Sweeper Hire

Scarab Minor Road Sweeper Hire

Scarab Minor Road Sweeper
Scarab Minor Road Sweeper in Central London

Our fleet of Scarab Minor Road Sweepers are proving very popular in and around the central London area.
These smaller road sweepers are extremely well suited to the urban environment. The compact size allows them to take up less space in the already congested and heavily restricted building sites of boroughs such as Chelsea, Fulham, Westminster and The City of London.
Fully equipped with a Wonder Suction Hose, High Pressure Jetting Lance and powerful sweeping brushes and a maximum laden weight of just 3.5 tonnes makes these compact road sweepers the perfect plant hire for the restricted building sites of a major city like London.
The Scarab Minor has two high speed brushes at the front of the machine, gulley brushes on either side and a wide sweep brush under the centre of the sweeper which give the Scarab Minor a combined sweeping width of  2.17mtrs. The high pressure water system allows effective removal of all types of debris from pavements and roads.
This effective sweeper has been at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week helping to keep the site clean. The size of the sweeper along with it’s low operating noise makes it perfect where there are pedestrians.
The machine can be hired from as little as £30 per hour with fully trained operator and is available all through  the week on a 24hr basis.
Should you like to enquire please send an e-mail to
Two Scarab Minor Road Sweepers
Two Scarab Minor Road Sweepers
We have a large fleet of Scarab Minor Road Sweepers for hire able to cope with larger sites.