Underground Car Park Cleaning

Underground Car Park Cleaning

The Scarab Minor cleaning an underground car park

The Correct Impression

Does your Car Park give the right impression?

The first impression any visitor to your business will have could be that of the car park.

Is your car park clean? How often do you have it swept clean?

It would be a fairly labour intensive task to use a man and broom to clean all of the road surfaces, walls and doors of an entire underground car park. The Scarab Minor is the perfect machine for the cleaning and sweeping of these types of environment. Removing moss and weed build up, removing traffic film from the roads and cleaning all of the surrounding walls and doors.

With its low height clearance of just 2.32 Mtrs the Scarab Minor is perfectly suited to cleaning underground car parks.

Narrow Barriers

Cleaning underground car parks

Easily fits between pedestrian safety barriers.

With an overall width of just 1.65 Mtrs the Scarab Minor is also well equipped to move between pedestrian safety barriers, allowing even more effective cleaning of high foot traffic areas.

The machine pictured here is in the underground car park of a huge Tesco development in North London.

The Scarab Minor also comes equipped with a high pressure jetting lance allowing the cleaning of walls and doors as can be seen in the image above.

The Scarab Minor Road Sweeper can also be used to clean the car parks of schools, pubs, colleges and just about any car parking environment.

JPM Contractors Ltd

If you are responsible for keeping the grounds of your business looking clean and presentable, then why not give us a call to see how much money you could be saving by having the Scarab Minor come to your business to sweep it clean?

Street Sweeper Accident

Street Sweeper Accident

Road Sweeper runs over drunken pedestrian

During the early hours of Friday morning on 07/09/2012, a Nashville Public Works Street Sweeper knocked down a drunken pedestrian.


It was suggested that the late night raver was seen taunting the road sweeper which was carrying out road sweeping duties cleaning the roads of the main intersection between 2nd Avenue and Broadway before being sucked under the machine.

Stable Condition

The pedestrian was transported to hospital by ambulance and was said to be in a critical but stable condition.


The operator of the road sweeper will not be charged following the incident, however the are possibly charges against the drunken pedestrian.

Cleaning Granite With The Scarab Minor

Operated Scarab Minor Hire

JPM Contractors Ltd Scarab Minor

The Scarab Minor Road Sweeper


The Scarab Minor Road Sweeper can be seen here giving a pre-clean of the granite paved area prior to it being cleaned with a specially formulated stone cleaner. The Scarab Minor is removing any litter and debris from the pavement.

The Scarab Minor is ideally suited to this type of environment where a full size road sweeper can’t be deployed due to weight restrictions.


Although the Scarab Minor is a smaller road sweeper, it still has all of the power needed to clean full size roads and small paved areas as can be seen here. We have the Scarab Minor available as and Operated Machine or as a Self Drive Scarab.

The Scarab Minor has a Gulley Brush, a Belly Brush and two front brushes for complete coverage, great for Car Parks!


Granite Restorations

 JPM Contractors Ltd

After securing a new contract with the management team of Hale Village
JPM Contractors Ltd have been working hard to bring the shine back to the Granite flooring that the company had invested heavily in.

With the granite being located in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic we had to be very selective with our use of chemical. Thanks to the support of the chemist team at Microchem we were able to utilise an environmentally safe, bio-degradable formulation which combined the above qualities with effective cleaning, as can be seen from the images.

Making the granite shiny

If you have a requirement for Granite Cleaning, or any of our Jet Washing Facilities, just contact us at JPM Contractors Ltd

Street cleaner who handed in £21k Rolex

What ever happened to the street cleaner that found the rolex watches?

Do we all remember the worker that sucked up to expensive luxury watches using his road  sweeper ?

In February of 2012 this year, Arron, a road sweeper operator from Rayleigh in Essex found a total of four luxury watches while cleaning the roads and gulley sucking drains in a road opposite Chalkwell railway station. You can read the full story by clicking the link below:
Street cleaner who handed in £21k Rolex has found three more…worth thousands (From Echo).

We are wondering if he actually got to keep them.

If anyone has any news on this story, please update us!


JPM Plant Hire Road Sweeper

20120905-011216 PM.jpg

As regular readers of our blog will know, we supply operated road sweepers here at JPM Contractors Ltd, this type of application is suited to most companies.

From time to time though some companies will require a road sweeper for longer periods and will also have their own operators. In these instances a Self Drive Road Sweeper from JPM Plant Hire Ltd is the perfect option.

This allows the contractor to have the road sweeper available 24 hours a day keeping costs down. As you would expect all of our sweepers are backed by our support to keep the machine up and running.

JPM are able to offer a solution to suit the individual needs of your company.

Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.