Operated Road Sweeper Hire

People often ask what is Operated Road Sweeper Hire.

The simple answer to this question is that the company providing the road sweeper also supply a fully qualified operator as part of the hire along with the machine.

Some companies specialise in the plant hire aspect only which is simply the road sweeper without an operator. Allowing the hiring company to use their own operator. Some companies prefer to work this way.

JPM Contractors Ltd provide fully trained and vetted operators with all road sweeper hire.

While this appears to be the more expensive option on the face of it, a poor operator can cause extensive damage to the road sweeper which can result in a greater cost for the entire period of hire.

Any damage caused to the road sweeper by the operator supplied by JPM Contractors Ltd is covered under the hire agreement. Keeping overheads to a minimum.

A recent unnamed company recently ran up a repair bill of ¬£2678 for damage caused to a hoover box. The untrained operator made the school boy error of reversing the vehicle with the hoover box in the “down” position, not something that a fully trained operator would do.

The only other point worthy of consideration when using Road Sweeper Hire with or without an operator is that a fully trained road sweeper operator will also be much more efficient at carrying out the task required and therefore a time saving aspect will come into play, which in turn will allow the hire period of the road sweeper to cover larger areas quickly and without any down time.

Road Sweeper Hire

Road Sweeper Hire
Road sweeper hire from JPM Contractors Ltd is provided on an hourly basis. You have hire one of our road sweepers for as little as two hours on site. This would provide you with just enough time to have the main roads in and out of the site swept thoroughly.
If you need to have the machine on site for longer, we can provide you with hourly increments on the initial two hours or you can have our road sweeper on site for the whole day if you need.
Our road sweepers are also available for night work, why not get in touch to find out more.
Just a few shots of one of our road sweepers.