Westfield Shopping Centre

The Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford finally opened on Tuesday 13/09/2011 to massive crowds hungry for the new shopping experience, which boasts to be the largest in Europe.

JPM Contractors Ltd arrived on site during the summer of 2008 and was present right up to the morning of the opening, after completing a last shift of 24hr’s, which had been proceeded by a full month of 12hrs, 7 days a week in order to ensure the opening went ahead as planned.

Our operated road sweeper hire service was the partner of the major contractor, providing full time cover for the entire site. Truck mounted road sweepers and Scarab Minors were only part of the machinery used during this contract. Also on site were our Tractor and Bowser combinations for the supply of clean water for various tasks, whilst other units were being further applied to the removal and supply of hygiene facilities in the many portable toilet scenarios.

JPM Contractors provided a mixed fleet of vehicles to cover the various indoor and outdoor areas along with our own fuel service, tyre replacement service, 24hr breakdown cover and low loader vehicles offering a complete hassle free contractor. Our continued presence on site led to greater exposure to the other sub contractors at the venue which in turn led to more enquiries for the services of JPM Contractors Ltd, being able to provide staff and vehicles for a wide range of applications.

The continued security restrictions of the site were met with typical professionalism by JPM Contractors Ltd . Our ability to provide fully CRB checked staff was critical to the delivery of this contract and we are pleased to announce that over a period of over 3 years, not one member of our team ever fell foul to any of the anti-drug policies which were quite correctly in place on this major international location. Further to this exemplary record none of our staff or vehicles were ever reported for any violation of the strict health and safety rules that were in place and rigorously enforced. This level of success and achievementĀ can be attributed to our continued investment in our staff.

Our work at the Olympic site is not over as we are currently still providing staff and services to what will become the Media Village for the entire 2012 Olympic games. No doubt you will see our vehicles during theĀ games, keep your eyes and ears open, we plan to be doing big things next year.

JPM Contractors Ltd is quite simply the only business partner that you would ever need in any high profile building project.

Tankers rolling of the production line

New production line opens
The decision taken at the back end of 2010 saw JPM branch into the production and maintenance of towable tankers, with this market seeing large growth through 2010 it was seen as an excellent opportunity to expand the company while staying in line with our core activities.
Operations started in late March of 2011 and the first orders came in.
The first of the 1600 Gallon (7273 Ltr) tankers to roll of the new JPM Contractors Ltd production line.
This new venture for JPM Contractors Ltd now places us in the position of being able to provide bespoke tankers for our varied range of customers. From design to branding, we can control the whole process making sure that our customer is able to purchase with confidence.
We provide a wide range of attachments to suit any environment, from high pressure jest washers to dust suppression spray bars and much more.

This particular unit was designed for one of our Construction customers to help with dust suppression on a London building project during the summer months.

Full branding facility
With this 1000 Ltr capacity unit we are able to display our branding capabilities.
From logo design through to sign writing, JPM Contractors Ltd handled the entire process.

This unit was fitted with a rear spray bar to allow towing behind a tractor unit, once again for dust suppression, a common theme in the building industry.

More and more construction companies have a greater understanding of the importance of getting their message across, there are few ways for a construction company to do this, however, sign written plant working out in the field is definitely a high impact message.

JPM Contractors Ltd can handle your project from start to finish and even supply the unit. This can be done on contract hire or contract purchase basis.

Bunded Fuel Bowser
Another of the options that we are able to supply is this bunded fuel bowser 1500 Ltr capacity, ideal for when plant needs to remain on site in locations without a constant fuel supply.

Full branding and logo design also available.

For all enquiries please e-mail info@jpmcontractors.co.uk