Road sweeper cleaning

As many users of Road Sweeper Hire services will be fully aware, down time of the road sweeper can cause your job to run in to delays which in turn can affect many of your on site services and plans.

Most of these down time problems can be eliminated with good “house keeping” techniques, some of which are explained below. While these techniques are wholly the responsibility of the hire operator and should be carried out as a matter of course, as a site manager you can help to ensure these steps are being taken care of as they should be.

Before i go on i would like to bring to your attention one of the most innovative designs to hit the Road Sweeper industry in a long time. This is the “Tempest” leaf blower developed by Stocks Sweepers Ltd, which can be seen in the video below:
Below is a short list of some of the items that site managers should look out for while utilising road sweepers on their sites to ensure ultimate use of the hire period and to maintain good cleaning of all areas: 
  • Regular tipping of waste collected from site.
  • Filter screens are cleaned after each tipping of waste.
  • All brushes attached to the vehicle have a good amount of bristles.
  • Inlet hoover boxes are cleared of any blockages.
  • Water levels are topped up during use if required.
  • Vehicle is travelling at an appropriate speed during sweeping 2-3mph.
  • Thick and stubborn debris is cleared prior to sweeping.
  • High pressure water is used in the correct manner.
  • Fuel is topped up before the day begins.
  • Oil levels are checked regularly to avoid engine ware.
The above is not a completely exhaustive list, it will however help to prevent the most common stoppages of the road sweeper and alleviate unnecessary down time.
Here at JPM Contractors Ltd all of our operators are trained in the above techniques and our machines are checked every evening to prevent these kind’s of problems arising.