Mini Digger Hire London

We recently needed to access a small building on part of our land and we needed to excavate inside the building to put some new foundations in.

The doorway was very narrow and there was no other access to the building. We needed a serious excavator to get the depth for the foundations, we knew we needed to hire a Mini Digger so we started to look for companies that provided mini digger hire in and around London.

We came across a company called UK Diggers which provide mini digger hire in and around London, we have to say, they were extremely efficient and provided us with the smallest mini digger in their range, the Bobcat E10 mini digger hire.

The cost of the mini excavator was reasonable and they delivered the digger to site for us with very little notice, the service was excellent and the machine gave us no trouble at all, we would easily recommend UK Diggers if you need to hire a mini digger.



Our readers will rightly know us for our main core activity which is obviously
Operated Road Sweeper Hire.

Our logistic capability to supply road sweeper hire in London is second to none, we are also able to supply road sweepers nationwide from our other distribution yards around the midlands.

What some of you regulars may not be aware of is the other aspects of the business which can supply any type of plant equipment such as telehandlers.

JPM Contractors Ltd Telehandler

 Just an example of a telehandler in operation.



Street Sweeper Accident

Street Sweeper Accident

Road Sweeper runs over drunken pedestrian

During the early hours of Friday morning on 07/09/2012, a Nashville Public Works Street Sweeper knocked down a drunken pedestrian.


It was suggested that the late night raver was seen taunting the road sweeper which was carrying out road sweeping duties cleaning the roads of the main intersection between 2nd Avenue and Broadway before being sucked under the machine.

Stable Condition

The pedestrian was transported to hospital by ambulance and was said to be in a critical but stable condition.


The operator of the road sweeper will not be charged following the incident, however the are possibly charges against the drunken pedestrian.

Granite Restorations

 JPM Contractors Ltd

After securing a new contract with the management team of Hale Village
JPM Contractors Ltd have been working hard to bring the shine back to the Granite flooring that the company had invested heavily in.

With the granite being located in an area with heavy pedestrian traffic we had to be very selective with our use of chemical. Thanks to the support of the chemist team at Microchem we were able to utilise an environmentally safe, bio-degradable formulation which combined the above qualities with effective cleaning, as can be seen from the images.

Making the granite shiny

If you have a requirement for Granite Cleaning, or any of our Jet Washing Facilities, just contact us at JPM Contractors Ltd

Street cleaner who handed in £21k Rolex

What ever happened to the street cleaner that found the rolex watches?

Do we all remember the worker that sucked up to expensive luxury watches using his road  sweeper ?

In February of 2012 this year, Arron, a road sweeper operator from Rayleigh in Essex found a total of four luxury watches while cleaning the roads and gulley sucking drains in a road opposite Chalkwell railway station. You can read the full story by clicking the link below:
Street cleaner who handed in £21k Rolex has found three more…worth thousands (From Echo).

We are wondering if he actually got to keep them.

If anyone has any news on this story, please update us!


Roadsweeper Terminology

As with all companies, Internet marketing has become a huge part of JPM Contractors Ltd day to day running of the company. Part of this marketing campaign is the inevitable need for a website that can be found by our customers looking for our services.

This has lead me on the quest for relevant keywords for our main core of activities. This has lead in turn to a long list of different words used to describe our offering. While i can fully understand that people refer to items and services from a broad perspective and that names used for services may vary, i had no idea of the exhaustive nature of the list that i would be confronted with for such a relatively simply service as Roadsweeping.

With this in mind i thought i would share some of the names that i have uncovered and offer our readers the opportunity to add to this ever growing list.

Below are the names that have come from a small group of people in the office (4 to be exact):

  • Mechanical Road Sweeper
  • Mechanical Road Sweeper Hire
  • Mechanical Road Sweeper Rental
  • Mechanical Roadsweeper
  • Mechanical Road Brush Hire
  • Self Drive Road Sweeper
  • Self Drive Road Brush
  • Johnston 600 Road Sweeper
  • Johnston Road Sweeper
  • Roadsweeper Rental
  • Operated Roadsweepers
  • Operated Road Brush
  • Road Sweeper
  • Roadsweeper
  • Sweeper Hire
  • HGV Roadsweeper Hire
  • 7.5 tonne Roadsweeper Rental
  • Scarab Minor Hire
  • Scarab 3.5 tonne Hire
  • Scarab Minor Rental
  • VT650 Road Sweeper Hire
  • Johnston VT650 Road Sweeper Hire
  • London added to all of the above as a variable
As you will see from the list above (and that’s not all of them) it’s quite a wide and varied range of different terminologies for the same service, the sweeping of a road by a mechanical machine.
Lets have your thoughts, please add a comment below.

Guide Dogs at Sponsor A Puppy

JPM Contractors Ltd Sponsor Two Gorgeous Puppies

JPM Contractors Ltd are proud to announce the sponsoring of two wonderul little puppies that will hopefully one day go on to benefit that lives of people that have a need for this type of support.
This is AMY
This is the beautiful AMY that will one day go onto to enrich the life of a person that can truly appreciate the help that AMY will have to offer. If you would like to read more or get involved please follow the link here.
Amy is a very loving little guide dog puppy who loves to make friends and be the centre of attention! Playing in the garden is one of her favourite hobbies and she would love for you to sponsor her today! That’s because you’ll be getting her off to a flying start with her training to become a guide dog. You can even sponsor a guide dog puppy as a gift for someone special.
This is Angus
This is ANGUS, he looks like he will one day grow to be a strong and caring companion for a person that will truly benefit from his strength. If you would like to read more or get involved please follow the link here.
Angus is a delightful and very handsome little guide dog puppy who loves to play! He loves to have fun with all his other little pals, including his sister Amy, and would love for you to sponsor him today! That’s because you’ll be getting him off to a flying start with his training to become a guide dog. You can even sponsor a guide dog puppy as a gift for someone special.

M1 Re-Opening, we got there as soon as we were asked

When news of the M1 closure caused by a fire in the scrap yard beneath broke ( ) as expected people up and down the country were rightly concerned about travel plans.

JPM Contractors Ltd got the call to provide a Truck Mounted Road Sweeper early in the morning as an emergency from the road agencies trusted planer’s.

When we realised the nature of the call we pulled out all of the stops and re-arranged our heavy schedule for that day in order that we could make a machine available, after all, we couldn’t stand in the way of all the holiday makers needing to use the busy motorway. Within two hours we had a man and a machine on hand to provide the service.

Once on site our man was able to keep the carriageway clean in order that the planer’s could get on with the job for which they were required.

Providing emergency cover for these types of situations is just one of the many capabilities of JPM Contractors Ltd.

Not only do we provide quality machines, we do it backed by our complete customer care approach.

So Happy Easter from all at JPM Contractors Ltd, just our way of playing our part to keep the busy motorways open!