Johnston VT650 Road Sweeper Hire

Can I Hire A Road Sweeper

As you may imagine, we here at JPM Contractors Ltd receive many calls for Road Sweeper Hire, after all, that’s the business we are in and we are grateful for the calls. However it appears that some of the callers to our business are fixated on a particular model of Road Sweeper without any good reason for being so!

The most common question

Most callers to our business start out with the statement “I’m looking to hire a VT650 road sweeper“.

For those of you who don’t know, that is the latest model in the range of Johnston Truck Mounted Road Sweeper.

While the VT650 is an incredible good road sweeper, although there are many other types of road sweepers available, personally, I’m not too sure that the model number is the most important factor when it comes to sweeping the roads on your site or project.

Important factors

I would go as far as suggesting that the most important factors when it comes to sweeping these roads are as follows:

  • The road is swept in the minimum amount of time.
  • The road is as clean as possible.
  • The road sweeper does not breakdown.
  • Dust suppression is paramount.
  • Noise and disruption to the site are kept to a minimum.
  • COST
While I’m sure clients could add to this list, these are the basic requirements of a road sweeping task.

Not relative

When it comes to the task of having your project swept clean and the waste removed from the site I would suggest that the model of the machine carrying out the task is not relative in any sense apart from the size of the machine, for instance, don’t hire a Scarab Minor if you have 200,000 mtrs of road to clean!