Mini Digger Hire London

We recently needed to access a small building on part of our land and we needed to excavate inside the building to put some new foundations in.

The doorway was very narrow and there was no other access to the building. We needed a serious excavator to get the depth for the foundations, we knew we needed to hire a Mini Digger so we started to look for companies that provided mini digger hire in and around London.

We came across a company called UK Diggers which provide mini digger hire in and around London, we have to say, they were extremely efficient and provided us with the smallest mini digger in their range, the Bobcat E10 mini digger hire.

The cost of the mini excavator was reasonable and they delivered the digger to site for us with very little notice, the service was excellent and the machine gave us no trouble at all, we would easily recommend UK Diggers if you need to hire a mini digger.