Roadsweeper Terminology

As with all companies, Internet marketing has become a huge part of JPM Contractors Ltd day to day running of the company. Part of this marketing campaign is the inevitable need for a website that can be found by our customers looking for our services.

This has lead me on the quest for relevant keywords for our main core of activities. This has lead in turn to a long list of different words used to describe our offering. While i can fully understand that people refer to items and services from a broad perspective and that names used for services may vary, i had no idea of the exhaustive nature of the list that i would be confronted with for such a relatively simply service as Roadsweeping.

With this in mind i thought i would share some of the names that i have uncovered and offer our readers the opportunity to add to this ever growing list.

Below are the names that have come from a small group of people in the office (4 to be exact):

  • Mechanical Road Sweeper
  • Mechanical Road Sweeper Hire
  • Mechanical Road Sweeper Rental
  • Mechanical Roadsweeper
  • Mechanical Road Brush Hire
  • Self Drive Road Sweeper
  • Self Drive Road Brush
  • Johnston 600 Road Sweeper
  • Johnston Road Sweeper
  • Roadsweeper Rental
  • Operated Roadsweepers
  • Operated Road Brush
  • Road Sweeper
  • Roadsweeper
  • Sweeper Hire
  • HGV Roadsweeper Hire
  • 7.5 tonne Roadsweeper Rental
  • Scarab Minor Hire
  • Scarab 3.5 tonne Hire
  • Scarab Minor Rental
  • VT650 Road Sweeper Hire
  • Johnston VT650 Road Sweeper Hire
  • London added to all of the above as a variable
As you will see from the list above (and that’s not all of them) it’s quite a wide and varied range of different terminologies for the same service, the sweeping of a road by a mechanical machine.
Lets have your thoughts, please add a comment below.

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