Road Sweeper Hire Middlesex with an operator

Road Sweeper Hire Middlesex

Road Sweeper Hire Middlesex provided by JPM Contractors Ltd

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We are able to cover the whole of the Middlesex area from our base on the edge of the M25.

We can provide your site with multiple visits per day, if required.

All of our road sweeper operators have a great knowledge of the Middlesex area which will help to keep your site running on time.

In some cases we can provide cover on the same day of the request, however it is always advised to book in advance wherever possible to avoid disappointment.

Tipping of Waste

We can take away the waste that has been collected from your site and provide you with a European waste code and certificate if you need it. There is an extra charge for the removal of waste from the site. If you have the facility to handle the waste on our site, this is tipped at no extra charge.

Travelling Time

Travelling time is charged to and from site, this is industry standard and will be applied by all companies that provide Road Sweeper Hire.

Road Sweepers

We can provide large truck mounted Johnston road sweepers for sites that require large areas and roads to be swept.

We can also provide smaller machines such as the Scarab Minor.

These smaller machines are ideal for sites that have restricted space such as underground car parks. They can also be used in pedestrian areas.

Road Sweeper Hire Middlesex

The Scarab Minor cleaning an underground car park

The scarab minor also has a high pressure jet wash hose attached for cleaning those hard to reach areas and can also be use to clean street furniture and remove any stubborn stains if necessary.

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Johnston Sweepers Approved Operated Road Sweeper Hire

JPM Contractors Ltd pride themselves on service, reliability and professionalism when it comes to Operated Road Sweeper Hire, therefore we are very proud to announce our entry onto the list of Approved Johnston Operated Road Sweeper Hire Companies.

The entry onto this list of companies that are approved by the manufacturer of the most reliable road sweepers in the UK is based on the constant maintenance of our fleet of road sweepers using only genuine parts from Johnston Sweepers.

Using the original parts for the maintenance of our road sweeper fleet is just another step in our no compromise commitment towards complete customer satisfaction.

We work with the majority of road maintenance and tarmac crews in the UK and they have come to rely on our road sweepers to keep their projects running on time and within budget.

Working on the busiest roads and streets in and around London means that our vehicles must be kept running in tip top condition and we feel that this is best achieved by using original parts from the makers of the road sweeper.

JPM Contractors Ltd the name you can trust for road sweeper hire.

Street Sweeper Hire London

Street Sweepers London

We are running a little competition open to everyone.

JPM Contractors Ltd has over 15 street sweeper machines in and around the London roads every day of the week, covering all of the London boroughs keeping the streets of London clean and tidy for our many clients across the capital.

Road Sweeper Hire London

We are offering an easy way to get your lunch money for tomorrow. All you have to do is take a picture of one of our Road Sweepers in the London area and we’ll send you £5 for your lunch.

It’s that simple, take a picture of one of our Road Sweepers in London, send it to either or post it to our fan page on Facebook: or tweet it to us at and we will send you a £5 note so you can have lunch on us.

As a special bonus, one picture each day will be given a special £5 bonus. The winning picture of the daily £5 bonus will be the one that best highlights the fact that it was taken in London, perhaps next to a London Bus or London Taxi while the road sweeper was actually sweeping a London road.

What have you got to loose?